1. Smart Society

    Web Portal
    Smart Society is an Internet based solution for the end-to-end Management of Commercial & Housing Societies (Office & Apartment Complexes). Click the colored Tabs for the Features & Benefits.
  2. Save Documents

    Online Document Management
    Keep a Copy of all important Documents online. Society's documents (like Occupation Certificate, Conveyance Deed etc) and Member's documents (like Share Certificate, Registration etc) can be uploaded & viewed based on rights. More Details ...
  3. Manage Requests

    Request Management
    Reduce Paperwork. Send Circulars, Reminders, Meeting minutes etc online (with SMS & Email alerts) and receive Member requests (for NOC, Billing etc) based on workflow to selected Committee Members & Staff. More Details ...
  4. Automate Billing

    Billing & Receipts
    Bills @ 1 Click. Calculations are done based on the rules of your society. Quick Receipt entry. Members can see all their past Bills & Receipts online with Email & SMS Alerts for Bills, Receipts & Payment Due Reminders. More Details ...
  5. Integrated Accounts

    Integrated Accounts
    Track your Income & Expenditure anytime - nor just at Year End. Get SMS & Email Alerts of your Bank balance & Manage your money effectively. All reports - Billing, Outstanding, Accounting are available. More Details ...
  6. Statutory Compliance

    Comply to all Statutory & Legal requirements. All the Forms & Registers (in the prescribed formats) are automatically generated with built in Processes to keep Members & Managing Committee informed. More Details ...
  7. Improve Security

    Control entry of Vehicles & People into the Society. Vehicle Parking Stickers are available for all authorized vehicles. Members can enter the details of their Domestic Help & Visitors and generate Printed or SMS Passes for them. More Details ...
  8. Vendor Contracts

    Manage Vendor AMCs. Track Vendor Information and Annual Maintenance Contracts of previous years. Get SMS and Email Alerts prior to expiration of contracts. Send Requests directly to Vendors and review performance. More Details ...
  9. Social Interactions

    Connect to other Members in the society socially. Send Friend requests to other Members and interact with them once they accept the request. Share information between friends, organize events & get togethers for children, manage car pooling etc. More Details ...

Society Management Services   "Cloud" Technology   Contact Us for a Demo

Smart Society is also a platform for Society Management Services, provided through a network of Service Partners. As per your requirement, they can provide a wide range of services like Billing, Accounting, Managerial, Legal etc. More Details ...


Smart Society uses Microsoft Windows Azure Cloud Computing Platform. The technological infrastructure - hardware, software & network is managed by Microsoft through its datacenters ensuring continuous availability & foolproof data security. More Details ...


See Smart Society Live in Action!
Register your Name & Contact information with us and we will schedule a demonstration of all the features of Smart Society at your convenience. Any feedback from you would be highly appreciated. Register Now ...

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