Is the technology to Manage

your Office / Apartment Complex

as Strong as its Brick-and-Mortar

Get Smart Society !

Smart Society is an Award winning Internet based solution for the end-to-end Management of Office & Apartment Complexes (Commercial & Housing Societies). It is a common platform for the Management, Residents & Staff, who can see only the information that they need. Through automation & timely information, Smart Society helps reduce time, effort & manual errors, leading to lowering the overall costs of managing the complex.

Strong Features

Smart Society has more in-depth functionality, and each feature is designed to comprehensively solve real world problems that are faced by the complex. They are completely configurable, thereby giving the flexibility needed to suit your unique needs, with a simple modern interface that can be used by everyone.

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Strong Services

We recognize the value of your time, and your need to get results quickly and without hassles. So, we have a network of carefully chosen partners who help in the implementation & daily operation of Smart Society to provide services like Billing, Accounting, Managerial, Facility Management, Legal etc.

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Strong Recognition

Smart Society is proud to have won Microsoft's Solution Excellence Awards 2014 (Code For Honor) in the MSME Category. Our capabilities have also been recognized by our Customers - large Real Estate Developers, multinational Facility Management Companies, as well as prestigious Apartment Complexes across the country.

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