Billing Features

Maintenance Billing is a critical activity as this is the main source of revenue of the Complex. Bills need to be generated on time & accurately, as per the rules of the Complex. To increase collections, members need reminders as well as easy access to the bills & payment methods. Features of the Billing module include -

1. Billing Items calculation can be based on Area, Parking, Rooms, Meters, Amenities etc.
2. Additional items can be used for all leased / commercial or specific units
3. Automatic calculation of tax and interest based on rules
4. Checklists and reminders available to ensure accuracy
5. Changes & Corrections can be done with audit trail
6. Receipts can be entered or uploaded, with auto-reversal

Billing Benefits

If Billing is done manually then mistakes are bound to happen, leading to bill disputes. Also the bills may not reach the right person on time due to various reasons or the payment may get missed out. All of this leads to lower collections & avoidable hassles. The Benefits of the Billing module include -

1. SMS & Email alerts for the bill, receipt and any corrections made
2. Bills & Receipts can be viewed online or printed with complex logo
3. Reminder to residents before due date for payment
4. Online Payments can be done through payment gatewaye
5. Residents can view all previous bills & receipts online
6. Several reports for billing, outstanding, receipts etc.

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