Smart Society Service Partner Features

We partner with Society Accountants & Facility Management companies as our IT expertise combined with your Functional Expertise together forms a complete "Solution" for any Complex.

The Smart Society Service Partnership Program is designed to give you complete flexibility. We will train you on the benefits & use of Smart Society. You can then introduce Smart Society to the societies managed by you, on your own, or with our help. We will directly work with you, not your customers, to help in resolving any queries and improving the functionality.

We also provide leads and assistance in sales & marketing to help you convince customers on the need for them to modernise and the benefits they will get from Smart Society and your services.

We would like to build our Partner network across the country. Our Current Partners.

Write to us at giving us some information about you, for more details.

Smart Society Service Partner Benefits

Smart Society can help Accountants and Facility Managers to become more Efficient & Effective, leading to better Customer Service while at the same time reducing the Cost & Effort required. The Benefits of Partnership include -

1. Increase in Customers - by providing better Customer Satisfaction
2. Increase in Revenue per Customer - by growing scope of Services
3. Reduction in Travelling Time - by providing services online
4. Reduction in Manpower required - by Automation of many tasks
5. Reduction in Office / Printing Costs - work from anywhere at anytime
6. Differentiate from Competition - by keeping up with Technology