Smart Society Advertising

We would like to partner with Advertisers - both Locality based and City-wide to increase the value of Smart Society to our Customers. You can provide Special Offers like Discounts, Gifts, Vouchers, Free add-ons etc to the Smart Society subscribers.

The Advertising space on Smart Society will be available for the publicity of these Special Offers with the Society's permission. This gives you a direct entry into the homes of your target market, at a very low cost compared to other broadcast channels.

Write to us at giving us some information about you, for more details.

Smart Society Advertising Benefits

The subscribers of Smart Society will typically be affluent societies (complexes), which are technology savvy, have a willingness to upgrade and understand the value of their time saved. Everyone will have online access to their Bills, Receipts, Requests (Formal Communication) & Conversations (Social Networking), while the Office Bearers will also use the other features

As a result of this, there are significant engagement opportunities to reach members - all members will login to view their bills & receipts, and to send & receive messages. We also envisage greater engagement in future by providing more services like menus and rate cards of advertisers, online ordering facility etc.