Amenities Features

The amenities of the apartment complex like Hall, Swimming Pool, Tennis Courts, Gym etc. need to be properly utilised by the residents. They can be booked (for a few hours or a day, e.g. a Hall, Tennis Court etc.) or subscribed to (for a month or more, e.g. Swimming Pool, Gym etc.) based on the rules of the complex. Features of the Amenities module include -

1. Specified timeslots for Amenity Booking based on complex
2. Residents can view available timeslots and book after agreeing to terms & conditions
3. Charges can be added to next maintenance bill, or paid directly
4. SMS & Email Alerts sent to residents
5. Staff can manage all the booked amenities (and change status after receiving any payments)
6. Similar procedures available for subscription of amenities for a period of time

Amenities Benefits

The manual method of managing amenities (generally writing in a register) is prone to errors, leading to unnecessary conflicts with residents. In addition, the resident may need to spend time to visit the society office & get it entered, and then again confirm. Smart Society reduces the time & effort of managing the amenities. Benefits of the Amenities module include -

1. Simple interface to view timeslot availability before booking
2. Information about charges & terms available before booking or subscription
3. Subscription or Booking can be changed or cancelled online
4. Charges automatically added to the next bill based on usage, if required
5. Reminders before the booking date or end of subscription period
6. Easy to manage bookings & subscriptions with several reports

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