Requests Features

Smart Society provides "Requests" for managing Formal Communication within the Society between Residents, Management, Staff and external Vendors. Each person logging in has a personal "inbox" where all received requests can be seen and he or she can send requests only based on rights. Thus the information is visible to only those people who are authorised as per their role. Features of the Requests module include -

1. SMS & Email alerts are sent to all recipients
2. Workflow rules to decide who can send Requests, to whom and subsequent actions allowed
3. Track people who have read or not read the Request
4. Approval (like a signature) can be taken for any Request
5. Status of the Request & Escalation (3 levels) if not completed in time
6. Voting can be provided for decision making
7. Requests can be entered by Staff on behalf of Resident

Request Benefits

Requests are a very powerful tool to make your Society almost "paperless". The Society can decide the most suitable use for Requests, and based on this create Workflow rules. Different Request Types and Sub Types can be used for various purposes both incoming & outgoing. The Benefits of the Requests module include -

1. Work online from anywhere - Free up time on Weekends
2. Communication to all Members - Instantly with Email/SMS alerts
3. Managing Committee discussions can be online, with Voting
4. Minutes of Meeting can be created, approved by the relevant people and circulated to Committee or Society
5. Residents can send Requests (like NOC, Permission Letters etc) which can be routed directly to concerned person
6. Track status of requests sent to Staff / Vendors to measure their Performance

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