Documents Features

Smart Society can be used to upload scanned copies of important documents of the society & individual members that are normally filed in the society office. This ensures that they are kept safe as well as easily retrieved. Features of the Documents module include -

1. Society's documents can be uploaded and accessed only by the authorised people
2. These documents can optionally be shared with all residents
3. Resident's documents can be viewed by the person only for his/her own flat
4. If given the rights, the resident can upload or change these documents

Documents Benefits

The documents of the complex residents are normally stored in multiple files in the society office and it is difficult to search for them when needed. Also they can be misplaced or destroyed leading to unnecessary complications. Benefits of the Documents module include -

1. Residents can view their own documents online without the need to visit society office
2. Reduce time & effort of searching & retrieving documents for the staff and management
3. Society Documents regularly required can be shared with residents for direct access
4. Access to documents are limited based on user's rights

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