Security Features

Security is a major concern in Complex. An effective method to improve security is to control the entry of people at the entrance itself. Using Smart Society, people and vehicles that are authorized to enter the premises can be registered to enable optimal control. Features of the Security module include -

1. All Vehicles with parking spaces allotted can be issued Parking Stickers
2. Members can enter details of Visitors and Servants (with additional information for verification)
3. They can be issued printed ID cards with unique Security Code
4. The In/Out Time of the visitors or servants can be recorded to ensure complete traceability

Security Benefits

Security Guards get changed frequently and so they may not know if a person at the entrance is allowed to enter or if vehicle belongs to a society member or visitor. In addition, the entry register at the gate may not be accurate and is never checked. Benefits of the Security module include -

1. Vistor & Servant details are correct as they are entered by Residents themselves
2. The information can be used for Police Verification of servants
3. The security guards can verify the details before allowing entry using the Security Code
4. The In/Out time is recorded by the system & the report is instantly available

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