Attendance Features

Complexes may have several staff - both directly employed as well as those from vendors. Generally their attendance and In/Out time is manually recorded, and then this needs to be collated at the end of the month for salaries etc. Features of the Attendance module include -

1. Each staff person gets an ID card with a unique Security Code
2. The In/Out time of the person is captured by the system at click of a button
3. Based on the information the attendance register is generated
4. Reports also capture the variation between expected and actual time spent

Attendance Benefits

There is a lot of manual effort spent in tracking the attendance of Staff or Vendors. However, it may not be cost effective to get an automated swipe based system for only a few people. Smart Society provides a simple way around this. Benefits of the Attendance module include -

1. In/Out Time cannot be manually entered or altered at a later date
2. The interface is simple and based on the staff's unique security code
3. No effort is spent in collating data and then calculating the hours spent etc
4. This improves performance of staff and vendors with better time tracking

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