Website Features

We are all proud of where we stay and would like to showcase the achievements of our complex as well as provide information about its location and other details. This can be easily done through the public website that is available on Smart Society. Features of the website module include -

1. Photos and information about the Complex
2. Directions as well as exact location on Google Maps
3. News and Events of the complex shared publicly
4. Links to the Complex's Facebook, G+ accounts

Website Benefits

With everyone getting connected via the internet it is now almost a requirement to have a presence on the web. It not only improves the perception of others about the complex, but also provides the relevant information to people. Benefits of the website module include -

1. Website information can be changed at anytime by authorised persons
2. Visitors will find it easier to locate the complex through Google Maps and directions
3. Improve the image of the complex and its value

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