Vendor Features

A large Complex will have vendors providing various services like Security, Housekeeping, Pest Control, Equipment Maintenance etc. Generally the information about their performance is not available and their contracts details are manually maintained in file. Features of the Vendor module include -

1. Vendor information and details of the AMCs like Amount, Contract Type, Renewal Date etc
2. Preventive Service Schedules are entered initially with reminders before each date
3. Actual maintenance visit details are entered and copy of service sheet can be uploaded
4. Requests can be assigned to vendors and their performance can be measured against agreed SLAs

Vendor Benefits

The Management needs to monitor the vendors to ensure that their services are as per the agreed terms. The AMC information should also be easily available for future reference. However, due to the time & effort involved, this may get a lower priority. The Benefits of the Vendor module include -

1. SMS & Email alerts for AMC renewal as well as each date of vendor maintenance schedule
2. Details of Vendors & AMCs available to authorised persons without having to search in files
3. Management can view the actual visits made versus those that were promised in the beginning
4. The performance measured is both for on-time completion of requests as well as quality

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