Smart Society Subscription

Smart Society is available as a "Subscription" for all the Units (Flats, Offices, Shops etc) of the Society. All the Residents, Managing Committee and Staff of the Society will get logins and are entitled to use all the features of Smart Society as decided by the Society.

The Complex can also opt for Society Management Services provided by Smart Society Service Partners. The Service Partners will bundle their service offerings along with Smart Society and offer a combined "Software + Service" Subscription.

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Smart Society Subscription Benefits

A Complex needs a complete "solution" - not a set of limited software features. We recognize this need, and so we don't believe in giving a few features in one offer, and then adding more price every time you need extra features. We provide all the features together as one "Unlimited Thali". The benefits of the Subscription include -

1. No need to Spend or get Approvals for more Features
2. All Inclusive - No extra charges for Storage, SMS, Emails etc
3. Option of outsourcing day-to-day work to Service Partners
4. No Registration charges for Online Payments (Special offer for Societies only)
5. No need to purchase any additional hardware or software or worry of installation, data backup etc.
6. New Features are automatically made available