Directory Features

In large complexes, there could be several opportunities for residents to connect with each other, whether it is for work, schooling or other shared interests. Through the Member & Tenant directories, the information can be seen in a common place for people to see. Feature of the Directory module include -

1. Residents enter & change their own information so its their decision
2. They can share it with all members or only allow the management to view it
3. Owners can provide logins to tenants and their information is available in the Tenant Directory
4. Management can view tenant details if required for contacting them

Directory Benefits

Information about residents and specially tenants is not available to the Management and so it is difficult to contact them in case of any requirements. In addition they don't know when the lease is expiring which may lead to billing issues. Benefits of the Directory module include -

1. SMS & Email alerts are sent to specified persons before lease expiry
2. Tenants and owners can be contacted by the society as and when required
3. Privacy options available to residents for sharing their data with others
4. Simple way of connecting with neighbours for the improvement of all residents

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